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West Bend E-commerce Website Design

A logical step for most businesses or non-profit organizations that have a presence on the internet is to allow customers the ability to purchase products or donate directly through the website. The convenience of a West Bend e-commerce website design not only saves customer's time, but it can also save your organization a great deal of labor and cut down on credit card processing fees.

Let Cornerstone Websites help you increase sales by offering secure payment options using a dynamic Zen-Cart shopping cart or a hard coded, static Mals E-Commerce shopping cart system. When you accept secure payments online, it will give your customers the confidence to order without hesitation.

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How Does a West Bend E-Commerce Website Design Work?

There are a couple of items that your West Bend e-commerce website will need before a customer will be able to purchase items online. They include:

  • Merchant Account

  • Credit Card Processor (Gateway)

  • Shopping Cart

When a customer clicks on the order or donate button within your West Bend website design, there are hidden codes within the West Bend website design that passes the order on to a secure and safe shopping cart.  The cart stores the product's coding and displays the item. It will then ask for the appropriate billing, shipping, and personal information (no credit card data is requested yet).

After the customer has filled out all of the required data in the cart, they select a payment option and are forwarded to the credit card processor. This processor allows for a variety of credit card and denomination options.

Following the payment process, money is posted to a merchant account. This is an account set up for all funds that are captured by credit card for your business.

Note: An optional tool called "Virtual Terminal" will also allow you to post payments manually online with telephone and mail orders.

Credit Card Processor Comparison

Type of Account

PayPal Standard

PayPal Pro

Google Checkout


Checkout area

On PayPal

On the Site

Do customers need a special account?



Merchant account



Virtual Terminal Availability


VISA, Mastercard, Discover, Am. Express



Fraud Protection



Cost per transaction
(rates dependant on transaction amount per month)

1.9%-2.9% + $0.30

2.2%-2.9% + $0.30

West Bend Churches and Non-Profit Donations

At Cornerstone Websites, we recommend using PayPal or Google Checkout to accept online donations due to its popularity among donors, no monthly cost, and low fees.

NOTE: As with any e-commerce sale, Cornerstone Websites does not receive any fees or commissions from donations.

Business E-Commerce Solutions

Dynamic Zen-Cart Database Website

All of our database driven websites are set up utilizing the popular Zen-Cart E-Commerce software. This program is easily administered through an online panel. The Zen-Cart panel allows the owner to edit, add, remove, or turn off products, change shipping and payment options, and keep track of customer ordering trends. We will design a Zen-Cart template to be implemented in your online store.

A database-driven, Zen Cart, West Bend e-commerce website design can be set up using PayPal Payments Standard, PayPal Payments Pro, Google Checkout or Authorize.net.

Hard Coded E-Commerce Website

Hard coded West Bend e-commerce website designs are built using the Mals E-Commerce shopping cart system - in association with Authorize.net, PayPal Payments Standard/Pro, or Google Shopping Cart.  This type of website is recommended for a smaller store (less than twenty products) where products do not change often.  Updates for these items are easily coded by Cornerstone Websites.

West Bend ecommerce website shopping cart installation is considerably easier during the initial setup of a website design, however, it can also be installed after the website is built.

If the products are being coding during site build, the price is $2.99 per item. Products that are coded after the site is online cost $4.99 each.

Standard Shopping Cart
There are no recurring costs associated with this type of system. The standard cart is ideal if you do not mind having customers pay on the template based PayPal Standard processor. The maximum number of orders allowed through the Mals E-commerce cart each month is 1000. This is the most cost efficient option.

Custom Shopping Cart
Because of the upgrade to PayPal Payments Pro and the Mals E-Commerce Premium account there are regular monthly fees of approximately $38.00/month paid directly to these companies (varies based on monthly or annual payment). This shopping cart provides a seamless payment process. Customers will never leave your website and PayPal will be operating in the background of your site. The number of orders allowed on your site per month is unlimited.

For hard-coded, pricing/details chart, click here >

Virtual Terminal

Price: PayPal Standard Customers - $30.00/month
Price: PayPal Pro Customers - FREE

Would you like your West Bend e-commerce website design to process credit card payments by manually entering a customer's information into your account? The "Virtual Terminal" from PayPal is a low-cost alternative to merchant account processing through traditional banks.  The virtual terminal request form can be accessed after logging in to PayPal at www.paypal.com/vt.

Private SSL Certificate (*already included with Static Hard-Coded website designs using Mals E-Commerce)

Installation: $69.99 Installation
Recurring Annual Fee: $69.99

If you have a database-driven Zen-Cart, West Bend ecommerce website design, you will require an SSL certificate. Each website desin that is used for gathering and transmitting customer's information must use an SSL certificate to guarantee the safety of this information. Internet customers expect any personal information they provide via the Internet to remain confidential and integral. The SSL certificate is the only way to secure your online transactions and to show your customers that you really value the confidentiality of their data.

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Dedicated IP Address

Please note that a dedicated IP address is also required for a merchant account with a West Bend website design. This will be included in all Diamond hosting plans or may be added on to the Marble hosting plan for an additional $8.00 monthly fee.